Weather forcast was indicating winds from the NW but when the RC went out on the lake the conditions were different with the winds of about 10 knots from the west.  The windward mark was set on the west shore near to LGC, with the start line .95 miles due east.  As the race started the wind went to the right coming in from the W-NW (closer to the forcast) but the RC let the race continue.  It was somewhat of a drag race to the first mark of a W-7 course with very little tacking.  At the 1st mark most everyone did an immediate jib because of the wind shift.  The second leg saw some nice reaching to the 2nd mark.  On the 3rd leg going to windward the winds started to slow down which helped to spread the fleet out somewhat.  Rounding the windward mark boats opted to jib again making for many crew challenges with getting the chutes to fly as quick as possible.  The wind further lessened at the 4th mark so the RC signaled a Shortened Course at the windward mark as the 1st boat arrived, making it a W-5 course.  Congratulations to Wild Thing for both line honors and 1st overall on corrected time.

Top Finishers:

1. Wild Thing 1:08:53
2. Brass Ring 1:18:52
3. Spirit 1:21:14
4. woot! 1:21:22
5. Stinger 1:25:07
6. Uncle Ludwig 1:28:48
7. Fat Star 1:31:57
8. Fuzzy Logic 1:33:31
9. Iko Iko 1:35:33
10. Knot on Call 1:35:34
11. Eclat 1:39:30
12. Cut Loose 1:42:36
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