The 3rd race for the Wednesday Night Series Race season was a great night to be out on the lake.  The winds were about 8 knots out of the south.  The RC set a mark between Speaker Heck and Canoe Islands as the windward mark and set the start line about .6 miles north of there.  Withe the help of Nelson Snowden on RC the 10 boats that came out to sail checked in.  Since everyone checked in early, Thank You, the W 6 race was started about 10 minutes early to take advantage of the winds and daylight.  At the start signal, Stinger hit the line perfectly at the pin end.  Stinger and Woot decided to take a tack to the west for somemore wind pressure.  This did not work out so well as others that went for the Long Island lift made out with T and Cut Loose rounding the first mark ahead of the fleet.  On the rest of the legs of the 6 leg course the boats stretched out trying to stay in the wind pressure.  In the end, Woot crossed the line first but IKO IKO who was 7 seconds behind took 1st place on corrected time with Uncle Ludwig in 2nd and Cut Loose in 3rd. 

See you out on the water next wednesday for Race 4 of the season.   

Top Finishers:

1. Iko Iko 0:50:57
2. Uncle Ludwig 0:51:29
3. Cut Loose 0:52:06
4. Stinger 0:52:31
5. Wind Machine 0:54:31
6. woot! 0:54:43
7. T 0:58:09
8. Windfall 0:58:43
9. Wild Thing 1:04:07
11. Gracie
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