The 14th race of the Wednesday Night Series had a forcast of 5 mph winds from the NE.  When the RC went out to set a course the winds were amost NE but the velocity was higher at over 10.  A bouy was set up the lake about 1.5 miles from North Canoe government mark with a start/finish line about midway between the 2 marks.  As the RC arrived at the intended start line area the wind started to change, and all of a sudden it switched from NE to SSW with measured 12.5 mph winds.  A I-5 course was chosen and the 15 boats that came out to race were off for an interesting race.  At the 1st mark (North Canoe) had Yard Sale (John DeSantis and family on their J/22) leading Stinger at that mark.  On the down wind run Stinger was able to pull closer to Yard Sale with Not on Call close behind.  On the 3rd leg Stinger managed to pull ahead slightly of Yard Sale and Not on Call.  The 4th leg downwind held this same order with Stinger 1st around the mark.  On  the last 5th leg Stinger went west up wind whereas Yard Sale took a tack toward the east.  On the next crossing Yard Sale was ahead of Stinger.  At the finish line it was Yard Sale for line honors and 1st overall on corrected time.  Congratulation to John DeSantis and family on their victory followed by Not on Call in 2nd and Stinger in 3rd.  There are 2 more wednesdays of racing in this 2022 season.

Top Finishers:

1. Yard Sale 1:05:07
2. Knot on Call 1:06:35
3. Stinger 1:06:59
4. Uncle Ludwig 1:07:47
5. Brass Ring 1:08:31
6. T 1:11:21
7. Iko Iko 1:12:41
8. Cut Loose 1:13:04
9. Spirit 1:13:55
10. Fuzzy Logic 1:15:57
11. Joia 1:17:13
12. Wild Thing 1:17:19
13. Fat Star 1:17:39
14. Eclat 1:19:05
15. woot! 1:21:38
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